Amazon reportedly working on a smart fridge that tracks its contents

E-commerce giant, Amazon is reportedly working on a smart fridge that can monitor items or groceries and help users order replacements if they are running low on something.

smart-fridge-52.png, Oct 2021


According to the report, the team behind the Amazon Go system was reported to be heading the charge on the project, which has been in the works for at least two years.

The Just Walk Out tech used at Go stores tracks what shoppers put in their carts and automatically charges them when they leave. Members of the Amazon Fresh and Lab126 hardware teams are reportedly involved with the fridge project too.

The new project is expected to monitor the items inside the fridge and keep records on your purchasing habits and when a customer runs low on something they buy frequently, the fridge would notify and make it easier to order more from Whole Foods or Amazon Fresh, which could give the company's grocery division a boost. The fridge could offer recipe suggestions too, which may prove useful if you forget about an item that's about to expire.

Insider's sources said that Amazon would not make the fridge itself but its looking to team up with an appliance manufacturer.

Amazon has reportedly spent upwards of $50 million per year on the smart fridge project so far.

In 2016, Samsung has revealed a similar concept where a fridge can help users keep track of what's inside without having to open the door and groceries can be ordered using the built-in touchscreen.

Source : Allnews

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