5 ways to make your home/office Wi-Fi router work faster

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Lets face it. There can be nothing more frustrating than trying to surf the internet using Wi-Fi that is agonizingly slow. While there are several companies that make claims of superfast speeds, there is no dearth of complaints from users about slow internet speeds.

It is important to remember that Wi-Fi waves are radio waves that travel small distances and are picked up by smartphones. Unfortunately, if anything comes in the way of these waves, they get blocked, causing slow internet speed. Here's what you need to keep in mind when it comes to your Wi-Fi router...

1. Never place the router on the floor

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Home routers are designed in such a way that they emit signals downward. So, when you place your router on the floor, the signal goes towards the floor instead to your smartphone/ laptop. Wi-Fi waves need no obstruction whatsoever in order to function well.

2. Don't place the router in an enclosed space

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While you may want to protect your precious router from dust, water, breakage, etc, keeping it in a locked cupboard or cabinet will render it almost useless. This is because the signal will get absorbed by the door of the closet, rendering the router almost useless. Instead keep it on a shelf that is slightly higher so that there are lesser chances of damage.

3. Check the placement of your router

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This is the most important thing you need to keep in mind. Remember, Wi-Fi waves are easily absorbed by things that come in their way, hence, you need to place your router at a place where there will be minimum hindrance. Place it in a room that is accessible from all corners of the house. This way it will ensure that the signal strength is equal in all areas of the house.

4. Pay attention to the antennas

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Just in case your modem has two external antennas, make sure you keep one pointed straight up while the other one should be tilted horizontally towards the left.

5. Keep electronic items away from your router

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It's pointless to keep your router next to your computer, thinking the speed will pick up. On the contrary, television sets, kitchen appliances, computers, etc will interfere with your router's signals, making the signal weak. Make sure that you keep your router away from any electronic devices that may impact Wi-Fi speed