Sonoff DW2 - Window and Door Sensor


Founded in 2015, Shenzhen Sonoff Technologies Co., Ltd. is a leading solution provider of smart home devices. One of their devices on the market now; Sonoff DW2 is extraordinary and incredible.

sonoff-dw2-2.jpg, Oct 2021


SONOFF DW2 is a Wi-Fi Wireless Door/Window Sensor that notifies you anytime your door/window is opened or closed. Apart from getting notification, sonoff camera or an unused smartphone can be added to view exactly whats going on in your home or office.

The DW2 can also be connected to other smart devices like sonoff switch or sonoff light so that door/window openings can trigger the lights or devices to turn ON or OFF.

In this video, Enoch will demonstrate to you how Sonoff DW2 works.